Monday, 21 January 2013

Songs from Call The Midwife - Series 2

The second series of "Call The Midwife" is now being shown on BBC1.  Following on from my previous posting that listed all the songs from the first series, here are those from Series 2.


"Younger Than Springtime" by Bill Lee and John Kerr.

"Shangri-La" by The Four Coins

 "Friendly Persuasion" by The Four Aces

I am not familiar with any of the above, so it is thanks to Amazon listing the songs in the soon to be released compilation. The person choosing the songs still tries to find something by The Four Aces. Their fourth appearance on the show.


"My Special Angel" by Malcolm Vaughn. (Sorry - I originally put Michael Vaughn)

I normally only include the old songs, but I must mention the version at the end: an Original Cast Recording by The Cub Scouts. This is also on the double CD compilation out on 18th February.

"Jump Jive An' Wail" by Louis Prima.

"The Ying Tong Song" by The Goons. Why only just over 30 seconds worth? What a swiz. Even worse, it is not on the CD. Go to YouTube to hear the full version. Awesome.

"Memories Are Made Of This" by Dean Martin with Dick Slade and his Orchestra. One of my favourite singers, and what a song to end a highly emotional episode. And isn't Vanessa Redgrave superb?

P.S. There was a song played in the background when Jenny and Trixie are talking in their bedroom that was so indistinct, I didn't even mention it. Thanks to Christine, it was "I Only have Eyes For You" by The Flamingos (5th March 2014).


"Young Love" by Tab Hunter

There is also an inaudible song in the background half way through. Anyone hear it?
Found it!
"In The Still of the Night" by The Five Satins


"Raunchy" by Billy Vaughn and his Orchestra (the opening instrumental - that took some finding)

"Young Love" by Tab Hunter (Yes, the same as at the end of Episode 3)

"Everybody Loves a Lover" by Doris Day with Frank Devol and his Orchestra

"Tequila" by The Champs. Thanks to Iain Cooke for the advice. 


"Love With No Love In Return" by The Five Satins

"Baby Lover" by Petula Clark

"Blue Moon" by Elvis Presley

"I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair" by Mitzi Gaynor

"If I Loved You" by Jane Morgan

Unknown song at the very end. Thanks to Christine, the song played over the end credits was "Last Night I Dreamed" by The Fiestas.


"Secretly" by Jimmie Rogers

Unknown song played on the radio when Trixie shows off her new shoes. Thanks to Iain this is "We Are Not Alone" by Frankie Vaughn.

"Born Too Late" by The Poni-Tails (this takes me back)

"When" by The Kalin Twins (so does this fabulous song)

"If Dreams Came True" by Pat Boone

"For Your Precious Love" by Jerry Butler (did not know this song, but isn't it great)

"The Walk" by Jimmy McCracklin


"Volare" by Dean Martin

"A Certain Smile" by Johnny Mathis

"I Can Dream, Can't I" by The Andrews Sisters

"Patricia" by Perez Prado and his Orchestra (the title had me stumped for ages, although I knew the tune)

"Baby Oh Baby" by The Shells (a group I had never heard of)


There is a song played on the radio where Fred is talking to his daughter. It comes on after 11minutes or so, but is hardly audible. Again thanks to Iain, this is "Am I Wasting My Time On You" by Frankie Vaughn.

"Catch A Falling Star" by Perry Como (the fourth, and best, of his songs played in the series. It gained a gold record as the "A" side of a record which had "Magic Moments" as the "B" side and also became a separate hit. We had it on 78rpm. I will write a separate post about "Catch a Falling Star")

"Wonderful, Wonderful" by Johnny Mathis

So that concludes this series of "Call the Midwife". There are a couple of songs on the double CD that I somehow missed. "I Only Have Eyes For You" by The Flamingos, (see final note on Episode 2 above) "Meet Me On The Corner" by Max Bygraves and "Good Golly" by The Johnny Otis Show. There are also a couple of instrumentals: "Tequila" by The Champs and "Ram Bunk Shush" by Bill Doggett. Any advice on when these were played would be gratefully received.


Claire said...

Do you know what the classical piano piece is, played in the last few minutes? I need to hear it again!

David Roberts said...

I think that it may be part of the incidental music composed for the programme. So it could be one of the "musical interludes" on the CD out on 18th February.

Charles Hoyland said...

Came across this purely coincidentally whilst researching my family tree. I Googled my paternal Grandfather's name, Edwin Haywood Wynne Hoyland and it led me to the Roberts' Family History which has filled in a few gaps so "Thank You"

Charles Hoyland

Anonymous said...

Thanks for leading me to Jerry Butler - 'For Your Precious Love', having not heared it before and not being able to find it elsewhere on google.

Betina said...

Hi David,
First, thank you for keeping track on all the wonderful music used in "Call the Midwife"! It's such a big help.
Lately I've been re-watching season 2, and in episode 4 from around minute 16:30 (after the baby with spina bifida is born), the song "Here in my heart" is used. But I can't figure out who the artist is. It's not Al Martino... Do you know who sings the version used?

David Roberts said...

Hi Betina. Unfortunately the programme isn't available on BBC iplayer. However, I will email the music supervisor and see if he can help.

Anonymous said...

at the end of the episode 8, with the subtitles on, it come out "I love you madly" by Fantastic Four, but after a long search on google it come out a song with the same title, also from the Fantastic Four (1969) but is a completely different one, I am very disappointed.
Could you please help? Thank you

David Roberts said...

I'm sorry but I don't have access to Series 2. It may be that the DVD has a song that wasn't originally shown on TV?

Bob Elliot said...

At the very end of Episode 8, Season 2 there is a song with the partial lyrics "If I could turn to you, if you just turn to me, whatever happens, so let it be." Does anyone have an information about this song, it's title, who sings it, when it was around.
Thanks so much.

David Roberts said...

The TV programme in the UK ends with Johnny Mathis singing "Wonderful, wonderful" but it maybe as one of my previous comments.